Banging my Head on the Desk

Soooooo, last time I posted I told everyone about my revising offer. Today I received an email from another editor who enjoyed my manuscript but thinks I can take a quarter of it away and sell the rest as a mainstream romance.

The editor expressed interest in both the first quarter of my book as a novella and the second part as a new story. I’m banging my head on the desk even now!

I have the revisions for the other press almost complete and now I have the book split into two versions to see how much work I’m looking at if I go the other way. Hmmmm, I admit, it’s a great dilemma to have. But I’m so undecided. And I think my friends are angry with me (Sfcatty, Bec, Cindy, hahaha) because I’m so laid back about it. I’m just not that excited.

Why do we do these things? I always tell authors who are newer than I am to take every compliment they get and be VERY happy because they’ll find out those compliments can get few and far in between. So when we get good news after a while of being in the publishing world are we just to jaded to see it as good news?

For Darlene :

4 Responses

  1. That fellow isn’t just for Darlene. Thank you!

    Also, I’m taking out a big chunk of my first novel as part of my Journey, so I understand the dilemma. But if you can get two books out of the editor’s suggestion, that might be the best news of all.

    Good luck with this fork in the road!


  2. Sfcatty is SOOOO not mad at you. I am thrilled at all your good news, You, my friend, deserve it. You have been the most dedicated person I know in the quest to be published and it is about time you got your due. I am sooooo happy for you to have these dilemmas. They are good ones.

  3. Love the cowboy, thanks for sharing him.

    I’m going to keep watching for news about your pending publication because I know it is coming soon. You have been so brave and so diligent submitting and sending your stuff out there I am so glad it’s paying off.


  4. Thanks everyone! I have made my decision and will hopefully email that decision to the editor tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted and I’ll give you a hint of my decsion now: “More Than an Eight Second Ride” is my new erotic romance.

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