Revisions, Revisions, and yes more Revisions

Hello everyone! First let me say how proud and thankful I am to have such great friends as my fellow Sizzlers! They rock!

Second, I have news. My first erotic romance has been out with several publishers(4epub, 1Ny) and I received news yesterday that one publisher was very interested in acquiring my book IF I made some revisions. Now, I read the email, which was beyond nice, and felt let down. I mean they liked it BUT. Then after asking several of my fellow authors what they thought, I decided I should try to do the revisions and see how it turned out.

Thing is, the press is very well-known, very author friendly but they don’t offer advances. They are a royalty paying company only and keep the rights to your book two years.

So if given the oppurtunity to revise and resubmit would you?


8 Responses

  1. It’s a well known publishing house and very author friendly? That screams DO IT to me. Are the revisions they are asking for reasonable or do they require you to change your characters or your story so much you don’t recognize it as your own? If they are reasonable I’d say give it a try. Good luck I think this is great news.

    I miss your cowboys by the way. Everytime I happen across bull-riding on the TV, I think of you.

  2. HELL YEAH, Baby doll! Like I told you in my email, that was not a rejection letter it was an acceptance letter with some provisos. Trust me, I’m used to reading between the lines. Go, Sayde!

  3. Ditto to SFCatty’s comments. You better send it. Or I will hunt you down and make you wish you had.

  4. The revisions are so doable I’m actually almost done with them. Now I just have to sit down and go through for grammar(I’m horrible about stuff like your and you’re). I cut and trimmed a version of the original from 91500 to 85k. Sounds like alot but it all gets added to two more books so I’m not wasting words. I emailed the editor and am anxiously awaiting her answers on a few questions. I’ll keep you all posted and Darlene, I promise to find a picture soon and put it up. Maybe I’ll bring one out of my archives 🙂

  5. Go, girl. I knew you could do it.

  6. Congrats! For now, it’s not about the $$$$$, getting your name out there and the credits would be great. The way you write you can do more in no time. Use your critique group, if need be. Maybe we could divide it up or something and help with copy edits. Say the word, girl!!

    • all right so the sad thing about these revisions is that I can’t believe they actually overlooked some of the errors I made! I used grammar checker to take a look and WOW! I really shoudl have done better. I did it to my new WIP and guess what?? I’m actually improving, I’m proud 🙂

      Thanks ladies, really you are the best and I love y’all dearly. Rita we missed you at the last meeting!

  7. Oh I’m so happy for you… Jenn.. way to go girlie.

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