Bad-urday Jan 9, 2009

As promised in Cynthia Eden’s interview, I have a Bad boy for you that can’t die.   Anyone here ever watch Doctor Who?  Well, our bad boy this week started on Doctor Who as Captain Jack, a time traveler that can’t die.  He was so good at being bad, he got his own spinoff show called Torchwood which is an anagram of Doctor Who  (how cool).  Awesome show.  And this guy has some amazing blue eyes.  Check out the cleft chin.   He is so good looking, it oughta be a crime.  Anyway, if you get a chance, rent Torchwood.  I guarantee you’ll love it.   Here for your enjoyment is John Barrowman: Gotta love the kilt!

3 Responses

  1. Yummm. I do love the cleft chin and have had a thing for men in kilts since the Bay City Rollers back when I was a kid and not even thinking about what they might have (or have not) been wearing under kilts. Great Bad-urday Boy. Maybe Romancemama will give us something extra special for Wetsday next week since we missed out on a Wet man this week.

  2. Oh Lord! Give me a man in a kilt!

    I think we need to do a salute to kilted men — Gerry Butler, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, etc. I have some really good jpegs of boys going commando! I’ll try to put something together for Wednesday!

  3. Cleft chin AND a dimple! And packaged ina kilt?!? Be still my throbbing . . . heart.

    I spent part of my time at the last Scottish Games with a stick that my husband kept trying to smack out of my hand . Sheesh! All because I kept sneaking up behind the guys with the kilts. I’ve never been one to take someone’s word for anything, and wanted to see for myself if they really went commando!

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