Bad-urday, the Willoughby Edition

Got an E-reader for Christmas and the first books I loaded were Jane’s.  Been re-reading Sense and Sensibility.  Love that book.  Willoughby was a tragic character.  “Wait,” you say, “SFCatty, have you ever read this book? He was a cad, you crazy woman.  A cad.  An outright rogue.”

My response? Yes.  He was a cad.  But he was tragic.  He really did love Mary Ann.  His mistakes of the past made it impossible for him to have the life he wanted.  He lost his inheritance and thus had to find a bride with money.  The sad truth of that era was that a man of leisure had no skills and no way to earn a living.  He screwed up and he didn’t know how to fix it.  Could he have joined the military? Not likely without someone to buy him a commission.  How could he support himself, much less Mary Ann, if he had no job?  Gentlemen didn’t work.  How would he adapt?  He got what he deserved – a cold snob of a  woman he didn’t love.  But he had a roof over his head.   The saddest part of the book is him at the end, lamenting his loss.  So, have a little care for Willoughby,  Just a little.

and who doesn’t love Greg Wise?  Too handsome.  

and a wet Willoughby for Romancemama:

Who wouldn’t want this wet willie?   LOL!   I crack myself up. It is a sad thing to be so easily amused, yeah?

4 Responses

  1. It is so kind of you to have a kind thought for the cad but we all know you love the Colonel. Great Badurday post. Happy New Year BTW.

  2. Oh, SFCatty, you know I love my Colin, but I wouldn’t mind helping Willoughby dry off and warm up after he carries me and my sprained ankle self home in the freezing rain.

  3. Wet Willie?? I caught that!! LOL We ALL know they had to change the title of the orca movie “Free Willie” in Great Britain because willie is a slang term for, er, that dangle down we women don’t posess.

    And yes. He was a very tragic character. And it still happens with men today, unfortunately. I have a good friend who earns well, is absolutely charming and socially adept . . . and who had no idea how to change a flat tire. But your selection of actor today is wonderful!

  4. Runere- glad someone else besides me caught that! LOL!

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