An Extra Special Wetsday/BadBoy for SFCatty

I still have SFCatty’s  Christmas and Birthday presents under my tree. I am always the latest person to get people their gifts — my brother still gives me grief about the year I gave him his present in July (his DOB is 1/7!)

But I have picked out a special Wetsday for her today to celebrate her birthday (albeit late as usual). This video combines a skinny-dipping scene with other great shots of her all-time favorite BadBoy.  While my heart still belongs to Colin, I have to say I wouldn’t kick SFCatty’s favorite Brit out of my hot tub, if she ever chose to send him over for a dip!

Without further ado, here is the one and only Hans Gruber, Sheriff of Nottingham, Col. Brandon himself, Alan Rickman!!!!


3 Responses

  1. Awesome, really awesome. Looove Alan Rickman! Hey…did I just post a comment ON Wets-day? Not the day after? I’m so proud of myself!

    Great job, romancemama!

  2. Thanks. But I won’t be sharing him, Nope, no way, Nope.

  3. Only Ro’mama could come up with something this delectable. Out of respect for sfcatty, I’ll keep my hands off but put it like this: Just because I don’t sculpt, draw or paint doesn’t stop me from fully enjoying a good art gallery!

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