Today is my birthday

Happy Birthday to me. The Beatles song “Birthday” was played for me by my children on Beatles Rock Band. You have not been serenaded til you get the full effect of the drums and ersatz guitar of the PS3 game. It was a nice day. Worked til 11:45 am and then went to Malbis and Spanish Fort with the family. Dinner at Carrabas and the serenade rounded out the day. Ah, Bliss.

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  1. Well, Happy Birthday sfcatty!! I sincerely hope someone has video (or at least audio!) of the serenade! Know you had to love it! Family makes everything worthwhile, and so glad you could share your special day with yours. Just be sure to remind them they have to beat this year’s experience next year!!
    “Hhmmm, wonder what’s in store with all that time to plan?” Runere asks with a wicked laugh.

  2. Just happened upon this post, but that sounds like an amazingly great birthday! Happy Birthday from a (also, as I assume you are, Southern) stranger.

  3. yeah, me too on the planning thing. This was spontaneous so if they PLAN, who knows. AND next year is a big one!
    have not made it to the post office yet to send you something. Heading to Tallahassee now, so it won’t be today either. Soon, my friend, soon.

  4. Happy belated Birthday!

  5. Sorry I missed your Birthday… frowning.. I hope you had a blast.. See you on Saturday.. super hugs. Paula

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