BAD-URDAY, The Bond Addition

In honor of all the television stations that run a skeleton crew on holidays and run endless Bond marathons so their staffs can have the day off, here are the ubiquitious bad boys of film:  The Bonds.   Now, I know you all think George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton don’t really belong here as Lazenby was only in one and Dalton is better suited to play a villian (Think The Rocketeer and that Simon Pegg  movie that’s a spoof of cop stories- can’t think of the name), but, I have to include them as they are part of the legend.   Pierce Brosnan was too pretty but he has been looking more rugged in the last few years.   My personal favs are Sean Connery and Roger Moore.   Even my older son says that Sean, and I quote, “Is a beautiful man.”    Anyway, enjoy our own holiday Bond marathon today.   

 Who’s your favorite Bond between the sheets?

One Response

  1. My vote is for Sean!!! Sean Connery is one sexy bald man! And that faint Scottish accent grabs my attention whenever I hear it. He’s living proof that older is better! Hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas!

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