What Do You Mean, Thursday????

Ok, I was planning all week for my WetsDay post — have been having a grand old time researching a couple of new friends on IMDB.  But then, suddenly, we were driving to Bellingrath Gardens last night and realized OMG, it’s not Tuesday, it’s Wednesday!!!!  Like, what happened to Tuesday? I remember Monday (had to go in to work for the Meeting from Hades, even though it was supposed to be Christmas break), but I don’t remember Tuesday as anything but a mall, bookstore and Walmart blur.  Ick. In fact, Tuesday of this week is best forgotten.

But here I am, having feasted at Wintzell’s Oyster House and done the lights at Bellingrath, now ready to post our wet boy of the week.

Now, y’all know, I am faithful to Colin Firth.  Never has anyone accused me of being a less than total fan of the Boy from Hampshire.  But I have to say, the people behind Lost in Austen found a worthy man to fill Mr. Darcy’s breeches.  If you haven’t watched it, rent it —  really cute movie, with the attractive men in period dress we all love.  If you have already watched it, I’m sure that you have your own copy that you keep cued up to the Wet Shirt Scene. 

He was in The Golden Compass and Alexander as well, and I know we all hope we’ll see more (a lot more!) of the charming Elliot Cowan real soon.


One Response

  1. I don’t think you’re being disloyal to Colin…this lad has a bit of Firthness about him. Maybe the jut of his jaw? Oh yes, he does the period dress very well!!

    Merry Christmas to you Sizzlers!!

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