Bad-urday Dec 19

Today’s bad boy (and he wasn’t evil- just bad with the women) is the pool boy of everyone’s dreams in the 1980s, at least I think it was the 80’s- I’m getting too old to remember.   We all fantasized about this dude. He is just so cute.   Still is.  I know I said a few weeks ago that Richard Gere has aged better than any other actor but this guy is a pretty (and I mean pretty) close second.    So, without further ado-   Mark Harmon:  

YUMMY POOL BOY can come clean my pool anytime!

remember how jealous we all were when he married Pam Dawber?  I’m happy to say that they are still married.  I like a man with commitment.  He was also fab in St. Elsewhere:

and who doesn’t like Leroy Jethro Gibbs?  (except the hair cut they have him sporting sometimes)  


3 Responses

  1. Very pretty! And probably the only actor in Hollywood man enough to do his own renovatons to his house. Seriously! Someone crashed their vehicle into a wall outside their property, and he not only owned a sledge hammer, he knew how to use it! Pam ran it out to him and he smashed the door and got the guy out of the burning car!

  2. Um, guys, that word was supposed to be ‘renovations’. Dyslexic fingers! Sorry!

  3. […] post a little while back featuring Mark Harmon in her weekly Bad-urday post.  Check it out  The ladies at Southern Sizzle have a great thing going.  Lots of great looking guys good […]

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