WetsDay Tudor Edition

With great appreciation, I salute SFCatty for helping out with the Wetsday boys recently.  I have been exercising the prerogative of tortured artistic literary souls exemplified by Poe, Plath, Hemingway, et al and being very sulky and drinking too much cheap white wine.  Interfered greatly with my ability to blog.

But enough is enough. I am tired of suffering for my art.  I have the Christmas Spirit, and I am in an insufferably good mood.  So here we go with my wet boy for the week. 

You know and love him as King Henry VIII in The Other Boleyn Girl, where he gave Jonathan Rhys Myers a run for his money as the sexiest Tudor — Charles Laughton, give it up — you ain’t even in the running!  He was kind of alienish-evil in Star Trek, but I have to say my favorite of his movies is the first time I saw him, as a Mossad counterterrorism agent in Munich.   Cool film — watch it if you can find it.

Anyway, our Wet Man of the Week is the very studly Mr. Eric Bana:

I mean, check out those legs! To paraphrase Bridget Jones: “Legs up to there? My legs only go up to here!”


3 Responses

  1. Charles Laughton is still the sexiest of all stage and screen Tudors.

    And still has got more talent than all the rest of stage and screen Tudors put in a row.

    And he won’t give it up :p

  2. You totally stole one of my Fantasy Men! lol I was saving him for a ‘clothed’ Fantasy Man Friday. I have always thought he was a schexy mon, but it wasn’t until I saw him in Troy that I fell in lust with Mr. Bana. He was pretty hot in The Other Boleyn Girl too. Nice legs!

  3. AAH yea – This is what I’m talking about!

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