Bad-urady December 12, 2009

Here is a real bad dude.  He is a brilliant actor that has such a demon on his back.  It seems like he has it under control for now and I hope that lasts.  He is an incredible actor and even in the midst of all his addictions, he was still great in every role he ever played.  Such a natural charm.  Let’s hope he has whipped that demon into submission.

I chose him in honor of his new movie coming out on Dec 25-  Sherlock Holmes.  One of my favorite series of stories when I was growing up.  Sherlock Holmes and his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, helped to make me the anglophile I am today.  Was there ever anyone who could better evoke the sooty city of London at the turn of the last century?  I think not. 

Anyway, the movie comes out on Christmas and also features Mark Strong, one of our Badurday alums, as the bad guy (fitting, yeah?)  So, Here are two more shots of the man of the day:   

Dressed and undressed. NICE!

EDITED TO ADD:  See my personal blog for my thoughts on the movie:


5 Responses

  1. Clapping my hands in applause. he’s brilliant. I so love him, and it kills my heart when I see he’s fallen off the wagon. Sexy too doesn’t hurt.Photobucket

  2. Another great choice. Looking forward to Sherlock Holmes myself. Thanks for sharing that sexy shot in the bed. Oh my.

  3. Thanks for the post.. I can’t wait for the Sherlock Holmes movie..*2 more days!*..I’m going to watch Sherlock Holmes online as soon as I can…mind if I share this post on digg?

  4. Watch Sherlock Holmes movie online for free here, its not the best quality but its totally watchable!

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