Gonna Get it Right this Time

Ok, you guys are finicky!  Too skinny, too young, looks violent.  Y’all have not been happy with my Wetsday selections for some time now.  One person told me last week’s boy looked like a wife beater.  The word I would use is “dangerous” — and we all know a little danger makes a hero more exciting. 

But I aim to satisfy my audience, so I am really going back to the basics this week.  One of the all-time greats. If you have a problem with Gerry, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

But then, let’s have a discussion about the whole dangerous-men thing. Are there things about a fictional hero you enjoy, although you would not tolerate it in real life?  In my day job, I have spent 20+ years locking up guys who abuse women. But when Billy Zane went off on Kate Winslet over the breakfast table in Titanic, I was so there!  (Why she ended up with that wuss Leo when Billy was available is an Unsolved Mystery.)  Likewise, my enjoyment of Old Skool romances like The Flame and The Flower and Sweet Savage Love doesn’t mean (I hope!) that I secretly want to be the victim of sexual violence.  But in a fantasy man, I will allow certain behavior that is totally unacceptable in flesh and blood.

Some people are adamantly opposed to any “forced seduction” scenes, others don’t like characters who have any history of bi-curiousity, etc. What are your limits?  What makes a character too bad for you?

This reminds me of the day I caught my sweet little Baptist grandma watching a really steamy night-time soap (Dynasty, maybe?).  I asked her “Grandma, what do you think about all those things they are doing?”  She told me, “Well, I wouldn’t want to live that way, but I don’t mind watching them do it.”  I certainly don’t want to be an orphaned virgin at the mercy of a shipload of pirates (most of whom looked nothing like Johnny Depp), but I don’t mind watching a heroine do it!

4 Responses

  1. Love it. I like Russell Crowe too though. I was in the middle of NaNo Drama last week and didn’t get the chance to post. BUT let me say for the record WOO HOO for both weeks. WTG RomanceMama

  2. Ok – this is more like it. Very Nice. I like him.

    As far as limits, I HATE the heroine that’s too dumb!
    I agree that I used to love the Woodiwiss books but I got over it. LOL! Some of them went on waaaay too long with the “misunderstandings” and got really tedious. The men were always alphas and bordered on bieng rapists. Weird that I could like them when I think about how I would NEVER tolerate that crap in real life. How is that an escape? Isn’t reading supposed to be an escape?

    • Yep, the TSTL (too stupid to live) heroine sets my teeth on edge too. Bella in the Twilight Books — dingbat, quit being so damn clumsy and bleeding around the sparkly vampires!!!!!

      I do think Woodiwiss and the other Old Skool Romances are an escape — especially for people like you and me in “traditionally male occupations” where we have to be large and in charge at all times. Sometimes, in fantasies only, I would just like to be a seventeen year old virgin orphan and let the Great Big Alphhole Male run things. Then nothing that happens would really be my fault, right? There is a certain benefit to being helpless, at least in fantasy. (You know how well I deal with it in real life!)

  3. Oh yes…Gerard…Come to mama…hubba hubba. Growl!

    Okay, calming myself down now. On to the real question. I agree that I wouldn’t want to be a virgin on a ship of pirates and forced seduction in real life wouldn’t be all that great. I work in a shipyard, supervising foremen for environmental purposes, I can’t be a doormat, so when I’m reading, I want that naughty Alpha male to take charge! Rip my dress and make me faint. Um, the heroine, lol. But that’s why it’s fiction.

    I’ve nearly come to blows with male relatives over their idea of a ‘woman’s place’, but in books it doesn’t bother me as much. I agree with the TSTL heroines as well. I had to stop reading Rebecca Paisley because her heroines were so clueless, I was blushing FOR them! Gah.

    Great, great post. I’ll take Gerard back if you don’t mind.

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