Bad-urday November 21- Clive Owen

I saw a beautiful movie last week with Clive Owen in it- it was called The Boys are Back.  Very sweet movie.  He plays a widower trying to re-connect with his children as well as deal with the loss of his wife.  He is a gorgeous man but usually plays really flawed characters.  This guy had some flaws as well but it was a change from his normal role.  A more gentle character, if you will.    When I think of him as a “Bad boy”  I think of some of his newer movies – like The International.  In that one, he was big and bad with a gun. 

He has also played in a few period pieces-  he could be my white knight anytime! 

Now, the next movie I’m going to mention may offend some of you but it is really a fantastic movie.  It is called Close My Eyes.  Clive was very young when he played in it.  He almost derailed his career (and yes, he was cute and tough in Derailed, too) over this movie.  It was quite controversial.  He played the brother of a married woman.  He and his sister had an affair.  It was very intense.   It really is a must see film.   There is also a scene of full frontal nudity of Clive.  You may want to close your own eyes with this last picture!    But look at how young he was-  a mere child!

4 Responses

  1. Um, sfcatty, why would I want to close my eyes? And miss that cute tush? Never! As usual, you’ve tastefully blended the arts . . . and the artful! Like wine, he only improves with age.

  2. Didn’t close my eyes either. My question is where is his right hand on the picture above it? Hmmm?

  3. please, where could i get “close my eyes”. i’m very interested on what could get clive to do a nude scene – frontal at that. i read that he refused a butt exposure in sin city…

    • I got my copy from I think he refused other exposure as he almost lost his career over “Close my eyes” as it was incest. It is an excellent movie though. Good plot. AND frontal nudity.

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