Where have all the sizzlers gone?

Gone to soldiers, everyone???

I feel like I’ve been abandoned.  Where are you all?  Sayde I know is in New Orleans today but geez- is anyone but me ever gonna post again???  Or even so much as leave a comment so I won’t be lonely?


2 Responses

  1. I’m beginning to think the flu is a ‘computer virus’ and Romancemama shared! No, I know that’s not possible, but feeling miserable all the same. Will try to post something soon. Maybe when I can breathe again. Hope it’s soon! (Laughing, but only figuartively. Actually laughing makes me cough!) Not fair for you guys to carry most of the duties of posting; and yes, guilt trips work, sfcatty!

  2. Did you thnk that was a guilt trip?? LOL! Hope you feel better!

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