Bad-urday November 14

This week’s bad boy is the hot, sexy Christopher Meloni.   But wait, Sfcatty, how can you say he’s a bad boy? When he plays a detective protecting women from rapists and other bad people on Law and Order SVU?  And When he played the oh, so understanding fiance that got dumpred in Runaway Bridemeloni

We all know he can be a bit, how do I say it?  Volatile? as Elliott.    Well, the baddest he’s ever been is in OZ.  If you haven’t seen him in Oz, you haven’t seen him.  And I mean that literally!  Check it out.  You tube has some interesting  videos.  You won’t waste your time looking at them, for sure! chris_meloni_3

Check these out-  nice tattoo      Christopher_Meloni

And last, but not least, the wet look  chrispicshower


One Response

  1. Ohhhhh My. You picked another of my favorites. I think I may have to ask for Oz on DVD for Christmas. LOL Great pics. Got to love him.

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