If this man is on your beach, you’re in trouble

cantore2cantoreSo, this theory was proven wrong last night.  Thank God.  The non-event of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida was great.  Poor Jim, though.  He’s such a good looking man and seems so nice.  Pity he’s treated like old Typhoid Mary must’ve been.    Anyway, its early for Wets day  but I couldn’t resist bringing you some Jim:  cantore1

3 Responses

  1. Hope everyone down ‘Bama-Florida way are staying dry. Have been watching and worrying, praying no one gets too much rain. Couldn’t stop a giggle when I spotted ole Jim, though. It’s true, whenever something threatens weatherwise, the first wary question is “Where’s Jimmy C. at?” He does alway seem to be in the bulls-eye of anything major. A pity no one wants him around when he’s such a nice looking man!

  2. WHERE did you find Jim Shirtless. Wooohooo. Thanks for sharing that one. Glad he didn’t bring a big storm with him. He’s welcome on my beach anytime. =)

  3. I hope you guys are safe.

    We had Jim the Hit Man Cantore in Houma when Gustav came through last year. Yeah, we were thrilled to see him there, I can tell you that! *snort*

    Nice picture, btw. You would never guess that was underneath his ever-present wind breaker…or at least, I never guessed! lol

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