Bad-urday that’s really BAD

Got up thie morning and my laptop has locked me out.  Trying to trouble shoot it now.  I emailed myself the entire manuscript on the 4th but not in the last 2 days.  I know, dumb .  Wrote 3110 last night and they are locked up!  No time to go to the computer repair man today.  PRAY I can get this back.  One non-supportive friend has already blown  me off but that’s typical.  I have to l isten to her woes but she thinks mine are trivial. 

Anyway, here’s the man of the day.  Harrison Ford.  He was great as the hot rodder in American Graffiti – mean at first but taking pity on MacKenzie Phillips in the end.  Who can forget his response to Leia in the second Star Wars when she said she loved him and he said, “I know.”     Even in his later years, think Six Days, Seven Nights, he was crotchety and mean and then turned into the good guy!  He was perfect as Jack Ryan, too.   AND Indiana Jones.   And Who can forget the line “Get off my plane?”  I could go on and on but I have a computer to wrestle.  Anyway, enjoy. 



One Response

  1. LOVE HIM!!!!!! My favorite Harrison Ford line is when Princess Leia tells Han she loves him right before he’s frozen in that stuff and he says “I know” How can you not love that man? And Indy ahhhhhh Indy. Love him, love him, love him.

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