Dedwydd Dydd Mercher!

The Bad Boy of Caernaevon, The Earl of Griffis, hero of my Nano wip, welcomes you to this Welsh version of Wetsday.  I’m having lots of fun reading up on Welshmen — I don’t know why the Scots get all the love in historical romance — The Welshmen are pretty hot, imho.

So to celebrate all the beauty that is Cymru (that’s Wales to you and me),  and in keeping with our theme of wet men, I give you Ioan Gruffudd:

Lovely Royal Navy uniforms, too. Ummm. Better go write a few about the Earl.  Later . . .


3 Responses

  1. He is pretty delish…I think the attraction with the Scots has more to do with their kilts (and what isn’t under it) than with anything else 😉 Personally, any hero from the British Isle is fine with me!

  2. This guy is a dream. But what they don’t wear under the kilts? I dunno. I spent all afternoon at the last Scottish Games with a stick in my hand, sneaking up behind unsuspecting kilt-wearers. Hah! they CHEATED or were too Americanized to go true Scots. I even sat through the stone toss, where they whirl around and around, kilts a-flying, before throwing this huge chunk of iron welded to a weight. I have pics to prove they wear undies. Pouting. Or else I need to go to Scotland!

  3. Danica- the way you wrote “what’s not under it” made me sad . I’d want my Scot’s man to have A LOT under there. Raise your expectations, missy and I do mean RAISE! LOL!

    Lois- The one’s I know don’t wear undies. You need to go to the Edinburgh tattoo one time and check it out!

    Glad to see Romancemama out of the doldrums and posting again!

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