Feeling Swinish

Ok, I went to work today, and I stayed for about 3 hours. But I am achy and miserable and kind of snuffly, so I decided to come home and not expose others to whatever vile bacterium I am doing life support for. Fever about 101. Just enough to hurt all over.

I will try to write through the anguish though. Nanowrimo is upon us. I have only 3200 words, so I have a long way to do. I think my heroine is going to be mildly autistic — she likes to read the dictionary. That should pump up my word count.

Well, the sleeping pill is kicking in. Night, chickadees.

5 Responses

  1. hey! I resent that comment- you KNOW I read the Encyclopedia Britannica from A-Z in high school! I didn’t read the whole dictionary but I got in pretty deep.

  2. Likewise, I read some of the encyclopedia when I was younger. I loved the article about Heraldry, which may have contributed to my love of the British peerage.

    But if my heroine starts reading the dictionary whenever she is nervous, I can rack up some major word count!

  3. Sorry you feel so rough, woman. Hope you feel better fast
    But girls, girls, maybe the compromise could be she reads in the encyclopedia about influenza (was it diagnosed as such during that time period? Or called something else?) and be educational for present ailment as well as wordy!
    Hot sweetened tea and lightly buttered toast will help! Breathe in the vapors as you sip so the tannins enter your sinuses and throat.
    If I was there, I’d even make it for you! DD’s probably have it under control already though. Rest and recover!

  4. Och, I hope you feel better! My mom would recommend a hot toddy, you know: honey, lemon, brandy (how much brandy you use is up to you!). Get some rest!

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