Bad-urday HALLOWEEN Edition

One of my friends (and her initials are RomanceMama) calls me her pagan friend as I adore Halloween and all the fun it brings.  I’m not into gore but I love suspense and Hitchcock-style movies.  I love the opportunity to be someone else for a night (and even, dare I say it, act silly!)   Anyway, all this to lead up to a handsome man that was taken from us all too soon.  This guy burst on the scene in The Patriot and was just adorable.  cute, cute.   He went on to play lots of great roles.  Loved him in Four Feathers, A Knight’s Tale, Casanova, and I could go on and on- he never really did any movie I didn’t enjoy.   So, in honor of Halloween (because this was an awesome costume), I give you the incomparable  HEATH LEDGER:  heath

There is also a wet picture of Heath because there was no Wets-day celebration this week.  It seems I have been dubbed the blog police and “someone” thought they were in trouble with me for failing to post a wet man.  Now, am I that much of an ogre??  I hope not.  Anyway, here’s a wet Heath:

heath_ledger_02 and just because he is so adorable in this shot, one more:

heath_ledger_01  Heath: you are missed.  What a smile the world lost in your passing.

5 Responses

  1. I know it’s not officially Saturday but I had to take a peek. Love it. What a great selection of pictures of Heath. Thanks for keeping up the Blog I certainly enjoy it and hope those who are busy and lurking and those who are going through tough times will find their way back soon. They are missed. Thanks for sharing Heath.

    • I actually set it to post at 2:00 am on Saturday. THOUGHT I had the blog set to GMT minus 5 hours and it IS set to that – so, it is GMT 3:43 am, not 10:43 pm CDT BUT for some reason, it still posted at 2:00 am GMT. So, if you look at the date, it says Sat the 31st and no one would have known it was early but you blabbed!

      • Sorry, I saw Heath and didn’t think about much else.

        It’s funny it actually looks like we replied before it posted. Maybe there was a Halloween Rift in the space time continum.

        See you at B & N For the NaNo meet. Hope some other sizzlers will come.

  2. Such a beautiful man with so much talent for his life to have ended too soon! Thank you for remembering him instead of just dismissing hiim!

  3. A beautiful man with so much talent for his life to have ended too soon! Thank you for remembering him instead of just dismissing hiim! Think I have all of his movies.

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