Quick Update on Haunting

Two WLOX camera men went with Dolly and crew on one of their investigations last night. So not only will she do a live interview at 11 AM Friday, the news crew’s story will air on the 5 and 10 PM news broadcasts!

BREAKING NEWS:   Sorry to hijack your post, but I wanted to let everyone doing NaNoWriMo that there are 2 meetups this weekend – one at Eastern Shore Panera Bread from 2-3 on Sunday and one in Pensacola at Barnes and Noble from 10-12 pm on Saturday.    Join us at one of them.    SFCATTY


2 Responses

  1. Wish we got that channel here in Pensacola

  2. Maybe someone will get the story on YouTube and we can see it. That would be great. It sounds very interesting.

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