BAD-urday Oct 24th edition-

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the only blogger  here anymore.  It sure looks like I’m hogging the blog.  (hey- that’s a good poem-  The blogger hogger-but I digress.)   Where, oh, where are all my friends????

So, enough grousing you say, on with Badurday.   This guy played some bad boys early on:  Who can forget YANKS, AMERICAN GIGOLO and AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN?   He started off as a cad in these but redeemed himself at the end.  Who?  Richard Gere.  Has anyone, male or female, aged better than this man?  I think not.  

geregere1Too cute for words, then and now.  What a man!


4 Responses

  1. Doing hunt and peck with seperatied ribs. But have cool interview done. Should post within a few days. I’m so glad we have trustworthy, dependable, wonderful people like you.

    And you find ALL the pretty guys! laughing

  2. What a great addition for Bad-urday. He has only improved with age. He’s always been a good one to start out a little bad and redeem himself. Love it when you get the best of both worlds. Thanks for posting him. He actually may be just right for the story that is now going to be my NaNo tale. Guess I should update the novel info maybe?

  3. Very nice…Such a sexy smile. I mean, it should be illegal. And yes, BAD-urday is always Monday for me. Sheesh.

  4. Oh, love me some Richard Gere! Officer and a Gentleman – him in that white uniform! It’s why generations of girls have come to Pensacola – wanna get a flyboy! (Note: in reallife they don’t look like that!)
    Have not been bloggong cause tired of complaining and yet nothing good to say. I am overdue for something good to happen to me!!!

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