Hola! Mia Amigas

I am returned from the Mexican Riviera.  Romancemama did me proud on Badurday.  Thanks, RM! 

While on my travels, I went in a grocery store in Cabo San Lucas to get some candy (for cool souvenirs).  There was  a magazine rack with lots of racy magazines and right beside them, there were children’s comic books and puzzles.  Interesting cultural note there, huh?  In the prudish ole US of A, we’d have those racy mags behind the counter, far from the kids eyes!  Nothing wrong with that, huh?  But then, imagine my glee, if you will, when I found this:










It is a Harlequin titled “Greek Temptation” or “Tentacion griega”.  It cost 29 pesos which is $2.24 in US dollars.  It is from the Bianca line and one of the Magnate Greigos collection books.  It has on the back “Prohibida Suventa en USA Y Canada. So, it can’t be sold here- I am in possession of Harlequin contraband.  I have become a bandida.   And shocker- the hero is a multimillionario!  <gasp>     Anyway, I think it is cool so I bought it. 

Glad to be back on old terra firma although I still haven’t gotten back my land legs.  My office rolled with the sea several times today.  It is a freaky feeling to feel you are still at sea and not be.  Would that be a hypnogognic state?  Memo to self: ask Kelly Stone.


4 Responses

  1. Now, unless you are fluent in that particular foreign language (?are you?) I don’t think you can be bound by any laws. You saw a pretty cover in a port of call and purchased it. That’s my story and you will stick to it! laughing Hope you enjoyed yourself, and we missed you while you were gone. Your land legs will ease back.. Isn’t that the strangest feeling to walk on a flat surface and feel like each step jars you through and through? Just wait ’til you sleep through all radio calls for vessels in your fleet except your own. That’s when you know you’ver been at sea far too long!

    I sure am thirsty for a marguerita about now.


  2. Well, if you don’t know the language –(Do you? Make like an insurance adjuster and deny, deny, deny!) –you just noticed a lovely cover on a book and added it to your souvenier collection. No harm, no foul. That’s my theory and you’re sticking to it!

    Missed you and glad you’re back! See you at the next meeting where you can thrill us with all the sights and sounds!

  3. I know enough of the language to be dangerous! LOL! AND I imported it, it was not sold here so, as long as I leave the peso tag on there, I should be golden, huh? Just in case, though, I’m gonna stick to your story.

  4. It is good to have you back. I can’t wait to read the tales you weave filled with hot Latin lovers drinking tropical drinks at Cabo Wabo. I think I might have had to leave something for Sammie =)

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