My Attempt at Badurday

Ok, sfcatty is off lying in the tropical sun somewhere off the coast of Mexico, while I was attending school board meetings and drafting contracts. RomanceMama’s life, as you know, is anything but fair.

Still, her absence gave me the opportunity and excuse for browsing the internet in search of attractive villains. Before she left, we came up with a great lineup for my guest shot at Badurday. 

So, while I have bunches to tell you about being shot down in flames on my recent full and the (cue Twilight Zone theme) eerie happenings on my recent Haunted History tour, and other fun topics, right now I shall just post the bad boys.

Ladies, I present two more vampires who are allowed free access to my neck just anytime they want it, James and Laurent from Twilight, Mr. Cam Gigandet and Mr. Edi Gathegi:


3 Responses

  1. Okay R’mama! Team Edward, we know! But you definately picked some great vamps! sfcatty will be proud! And can’t wait to hear about Haunted History Tour! Hurry and tell all!

  2. Even though James was a complete…gah, bad guy, he was very sexy. Woo, nice one!

  3. Hola! Thanks for covering for me, mia amiga.

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