Decisions, Decisions. I Hate Making Them.

We have our own conference coming up in March, and it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t enter a MS in support of the RWA’s work.

The problem is deciding which one to enter. Which one do we offer to the knives of the judges? We know full well the blades will be bloodied during the critiquing, and we can only hope the knife will be applied with the trained delicacy of a surgeon’s scalpel. But even superficial wounds leave faint scars once they’ve healed. Or will our baby be gutted and left to bleed out on the cold numerical scale every manuscript will be subjected to?

Do we choose the shorter MS in the belief the wounds will be fewer and quicker to get through? Or the longer MS that contains so much of our soul that it may leave us gutted on the floor? It takes a lot of courage to send our babies out to run the gauntlet.

But if we don’t, we’ll never learn their mettle. We’ll never have an opportunity to correct their misbehaviors so the public finds them more acceptable. And we do so want them to mingle well with the population

Or better yet, achieve our true intentions for them: find homes with agents and publishing houses.

The time to pay entry fees is very close now, so we can’t put it off too much longer. I bought a money order and filled it out already, so I’m committed. Or maybe I just need committing. I’m a coward and a check can be torn up too easily. I’m making my MS decision before November 1st. Will follow the entry form three days later with the required materials package–using those three days to scrutinize the MS one last time for mistakes. And I’ll probably still find enough to cry.

It took writing this for me to realize it’s not my MS I’m pushing closer to the edge of the nest. It’s myself I’m pushing there.  And I really have to quit peeking over the edge. If I don’t I’ll never be able to ignore all those pesky knife-brandishing cats circling beneath the tree.

So go on out there, baby. Mama will always let you come back home. She’ll even patch you up and make you better than before.


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  1. I am sure your baby will do well. If it is the one I have read, it is excellent!

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