Wetsday, October 14, 2009

Oh, I have been just a-plotting and a-prepping for NaNoWriMo!  Busy lil RomanceMama, trying to come up with a story. Think I have got it — gonna do a paranormal/Regency combo.  It was that or a Tudor/Timetravel. For some reason I am wanting to combine subgenres.  Probably not getting enough snark from judges in one category  in the contests, so I will go for two! Twice as many people can show me no love!!!

Oh, ignore me, children. I am just hurt. Got really low scores from a judge in a recent contest. Given that I was making good scores before I removed all the adverbs and gerunds (lys and ings, in other words), I thought taking them out would help me. Plus I cleaned up the POV, added dialogue, etc .based on the previous comments. So I improved my scores?  Ummm. No. I got quite frankly the lowest grade I’ve ever gotten from one judge in the last contest.  I don’t mean the lowest in a writing contest. I am saying that all the way back to first grade, and up through grad school, I never got a score this bad on anything I ever handed in.  That’s more years of school than most of you have been alive! (And frankly, to be told my writing was very similar to that of an author I cherish did not seem to me to be a reason to score me down. )

But as DH says, I’m not really writing for anyone else.  I like my stories. I like my little wordplays in them. I don’t much care what anyone says about them.  I am going to keep writing because all these people in my head want to express themselves. So, as the saying goes, will I write to please myself and lose my audience, or will I write for my audience and lose myself? 

Neither  option for me, thanks. Can’t I have both?

Well, enough RMama babbling. Let’s have the hot guy’s picture.

Now, I know the name of the post is “Wetsday.”  And I really did spend a lot of time perusing my collection of waterlogged men. (Anything for my readers. I suffer to bring you these photos!) But I got this in a tweet this morning, and I have just been looking at it all day. So while I toyed with different interpretations we could put on “Wetsday” or other reasons to justify using this picture, in the end, this is my explanation:  I luuuurrve him. Whether he’s wet, dry, or even blond. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the very dry Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Peter Facinelli:

Umm, don't you love a man in a waistcoat and cravat????

Umm, don't you love a man in a waistcoat and cravat????

Yes, he can suck on my neck any old time.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing him. I adored the books but still have not seen the movie and he was actually the character I was most interested in seeing I thought the casting was fabulous.

    Write on R’mama write on.

  2. Well, gee, Romancemama. Shouldn’t the lower scores after all those “necessary corrections” prove you were on the right track in the first place? Told you to trust yourself more! And thank you so much for sharing Peter. How do some men look so absolutely delicious in period clothing? Sigh Champagne toast to your excellent taste!

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