Bad-urday Oct 10 edition

Today’s bad boy is the gorgeous Jeremy Northam –  He played An Ideal Husband where he was a member of Parliment being blackmailed for an indiscretion.  He tried his best to deceive his wife but she found him out.  Gotta love Oscar Wilde’s writing.  Jeremy looks so yummy in period clothes as evidenced by that film as well as Emma where he played Mr. Knightley.   AND he was Sir Thomas More in The Tudors.  Gosford Park was from a more recent historical era and he rocked the clothes there, too.  He was in a movie called A Cock and Bull Story and the name alone is intriguing.  Very weird movie and yes, it is about cock and bull.  LOL!   jeremy_northam_01jeremyP_Jeremy_Northam_001

Enjoy the beautiful Jeremy.  He can play bad boys but he always redeems himself.  Enjoy him as a lawyer in The Winslow Boy.  An excellent adaptation of a David Mamet play and yet again, a period piece.  

I’ll be gone next bad-urday and will be leaving you in the capable hands of Romancemama.  She has her instructions for a duo of bad boys of film.  Hope you’ll like them AND hope she doesn’t forget like she almost forgot Wetsday!  Love ya Romancemama and behave Sizzlers while I’m out of the country.

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for leaving a yummy bad boy before you leave. Have a great trip.

  2. I am enjoying all of your praise of the delicious Jeremy Northam so much! In fact, so much, that a group of diehard Jeremy fans and myself have been buying up all your Jeremy inspired novels like crazy!

    We, the Jeremy crazed, have a wonderful chat room that you all might enjoy visiting. We are “grown-up” fans and discuss his work to great lengths, as well as his general deliciousness.

    Clearly, many of you have been Jeremyized as well, so come check us out and join in our lively discussions, we’d love to see you!

    Here’s a link:


  3. yummmmmy! I love Jeremy! I think I will watch the Tudors tonight — Jeremy, Jonathan, and Sam. What a great trio – perhaps I shall invite them all into the hottub!!!

  4. I loved the movie “An Ideal Husband”!!

    He is so YUMMY!

    Thanks for the pics!


  5. He is a delicious bad boy…once again, I’m late in responding!

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