Dear God, Is it Wetsday Already???

Oh, dear Lord. I am far too busy and important for my own good.  I just looked up in the middle of an Office of Civil Rights complaint today (if you don’t know what that is, believe me, you are blessed of God) and said, OMG, it is Wetsday! I have nothing planned. Which of my boys will get the nod today?

But first, let us digress into the world of the writer. I had the nicest thing happen this evening. I was in the hot lavender-salts bath with the required tumbler of pinot grigio when DD#1 wandered in. (If you don’t have children, you may still think that the bath is private. Mine is more like Grand Central Station). She came to announce that she had to friends over and could I please not run through the house in my non-Victoria’s Secret undies to get my nightgown from the laundry? I agreed, of course. And then she said the sweetest thing — well, for a 17 year old.

She told me that she had been telling her friends that I write romance, and that they might not be ready for a semi-clad romance author running to the laundry room. I was shocked, as I thought my writing was the kind of thing my daughters never spoke of in public.

She told me no, she is kind of proud of it. Nobody else’s mom has written a whole book. And she told them that I have had three agents ask to see my book. She even said that she thinks that is kind of cool. I got verklemmt.

See, around here, I am sometimes treated like the red-headed stepchild at the family reunion. (if you are red-haired, please forgive this. It is a Southern saying of great age.) I am the one who embarrasses us all. For my child to act like she is proud of me is something strange and wonderful. 

So here I am, Ms. Romance Author, trying to look intelligent in front of DD#1’s friends. It is a new sensation. Wow. My child is not embarrassed by me.

Well, let’s do something that would totally embarrass her, if she ever lowered herself to read Mom’s blogs. Here is the Wetsday Man of Honor:

a very nice shot of Mr. McConaughey’s (ahem!) assets:



5 Responses

  1. You have reached a milestone in the mother/daughter relationship! She has finally recognized that you are a real person, have your own interests and talents, and by God, you’re good at them! A beautiful thing! And so it MM’s behi–cough!- er, pic! Well done all the way around, woman! LOL

  2. Sorry for the typo! Dyslexic fingers!

  3. Sorry I missed Wetday! But really, that is a marvelous picture.

    As for your daughter being proud of you and showing it. That’s wonderful, even though that doesn’t even come close to it. I had a similar incident on Tuesday. I’d texted my younger brother telling him I finally finished my latest manuscript. He was going to his finacee’s house, but stopped at mine just to give me a hug and tell me how proud he was of me. *sniff* Yeah, it’s amazing when your family gives you that support and show it.

  4. I was driving in today and was going to call and berate you for forgetting Wetsday! But you redeemed yourself- beautifully, if I may say so.. AND speaking as someone who knows your child, don’t get too cocky- its a passing phase! LOL!

    Lois, yes the behi.. is lovely on the man, it is.

  5. Oh how I love this man! Perfect!

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