Sayde’s Cowboy of Last Week

All right, I know I missed posting last weeks cowboy! Sorry! I didn’t get to honor him the way I normally do but I’ll go ahead and tell you guys it was Brian Canter! He’s too cute and I’ll continue to post info and pictures of him this week.

Today though I’d like to discuss contests and something from the Kelly Stone interview. Here’s the excerpt from the post:

 SS: Now, in reading the book, I found out about this “Anti-writer”. Can you tell our readers what it is, and how do we avoid it?

 Kelly: The anti-writer is in the preconscious, which is between the subconscious and conscious minds. It can actually thwart your goals at becoming a successful writer unless you control it. It manifests in the form of thoughts and feelings of negativity related to your abilities as a writer. One way to combat it is by keeping a notebook and writing down all negative thoughts you have about your abilities as a writer.

Write down all the ways you sabotage your own writing efforts–maybe you set aside time to write but when you get to your desk, you consistently draw a blank and don’t write anything, and never get a manuscript finished.  That’s your Anti-Writer™ at work.

After you have identified patterns of your Anti-Writer™, create on index cards countering statements to your Anti-Writer™ thoughts. For example, if something you think a lot is, “I never have time to write,” a countering statement can be,  “I know there is time in my day to write, and I will find it.”


Okay, so as I’m getting my entry ready for The Linda Howard Contest I’m trying to fight off my “anti writer”. But I’m having a hard time. After reading the interview have you gained new perspective or found new ways to fight off that part of you? Let me know I’m working on drowning mine!

 BRIAN CANTER ladies and gentlemen:
Isn’t he pretty!

4 Responses

  1. Good luck in the Linda Howard Contest editing my submission too. The Anti-Writer can be powerful sometimes. Find the affirmations when and where you can. Trust in yourself. And I think it’s just like any other bad habit to break you just have to train against it.

    I still have my “You made the first cut” e-mail from the WOW flash fiction contest in my new mail box so I see it all the time and feel that validation.

    I think one of your greatest assets against the AW is your great support group of fellow sizzlers. Call on them when the AW is nipping at your heels they’ll give you strength.

    Love your Cowboy Sayde.

  2. Where do you keep finding all these lovely, lovely fellows? They make pretty good AW weapons if you use them for inspiration for your Hero!

    Thanks, Sayde! Your boys are the best!

  3. Bring on the bathtub and we’ll both drown ours at once. Someone on this blog takes hers to lunch and wines and dines it and we need to take hers and drown it as well.

  4. I find all these wonderful men on the PBR of the WNFR. Aren’t they all pretty? And my AW is getting better. Hoping to knock her completly out tonight when I finish my wonderful entry! LOL, we shall see

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