Bad-urday Oct 3, 2009 Edition

Our Bad-urday boy, Birthday boy (tomorrow, he’ll be 42) is Liev Schreiber. He is one of our most versatile American Actors. I adore him. I’ve even met him and have his picture with me hanging on the wall in my conference roomliev and meisn’t he cute?  He was in a play called “Talk Radio” and it was pretty  much a one man show.  He was awesome.  

He played in X Men as Sabretooth and Victor Creed-  his chops were even cute (and everyone knows how I hate mutton chops on a man) wolverine41

He played in the Painted Veil as the cad that had an affair with the leading lady and when she told her husband she wanted a divorce to be with him, he dumped her. OOOH, but he looked good while he did it. 

 Liev played recently in Taking Woodstock as a transvestite ex-marine.   He actually looked good in the dress.   What legs! 

 Who could forget him in Defiance?  I don’t camp (roughing it for me is the Wingate as opposed to the Marriott) but I’d hang out in the woods with him any day.  liev-schreiber-shirtless-08liev-schreiber

Yes.  I know I’m supposed to be blogging about him being bad.  He was really bad when he played on CSI for four episodes a couple of years ago.  He was the fox in the henhouse, so to speak.  He worked in the lab but he was the murderer.   Cool, huh?  AND look how great our birthday boy looks in his surf shorts (and check out the legs!)   Happy Birthday, Liev.


7 Responses

  1. Good choice. Nice shot of the legs in the surf shorts. Happy Birthday, Liev!

  2. Great choices in pictures. Love that he’s on the wall where I work =)

    Happy Birthday to Liev.

  3. Hhmmm. Did you say birthday cake? Or did you mean beefcake? Oh, who cares! It’s all good!

  4. Kudo’s for picking a relatively ignored hunk who I happen to LLLLOOOVVVEEE!

    Don’t know where you had your hands inthat pick, but I can gaurentee mine woulda been in places they shouldn’t have – and I’m not the OMG it’s an actor type. But Liev’s been a fav of mine for years!

  5. Candi- I ADORE him, too. He’s not only a hunk and a good actor- he’s a wonderful man. Very very nice guy. Just very open and friendly. I’m hopeful he will get more notice as he is just all around great!

    Oh- and my arm was around his waist but I didn’t grab his butt- Wanted to, but resisted the urge!

  6. This is one of my favorite actors. I think the first movie I saw him in, was Mixed Nuts. Not the best movie ever made, but he was hysterical as Chris. He does look amazing in a dress…totally unfair. I even liked him as Cotton in the Scream trilogy. He is a handsome man and very overlooked. Probably because he keeps getting paired in movies with Hugh Jackman or other such droolable hunks, or put in a dress. Very good pick!!

    And yes, I’m late responding. Sorry!

  7. Danica- ok to be late. I’m just glad everyone likes him- he is great!

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