To Enter or Not to Enter (With apologies to the Bard)

So, I have taken the on line mini class on the judging of the Southern Magic RWA contest. It sounds like the judges are on a great path with what they plan to do with the scoresheets (which have been revamped). It really sounds like there will be some constructive criticism with no snarkiness. I like that idea. A lot. So, my dilemma. Do I enter or not? I think my new story is the best work I’ve done so far. But, is that my ego or is it good? Do I risk being shot down on what I think is good? Or will I be demoralized? The trouble with this stuff is that you can think you’re on the right track and BAM! your teeth get knocked in.  Am I ready to re-enter that arena? With my new baby? That’s the goal of this weekend. Make a decision to act. Put on the armour, so to speak.    Or I should say, put on my rhino skin, grab some lotion and hit the “submit” button.

Speaking of this weekend, Bad-urday tomorrow has a birthday boy.  Kelly  Stone will be here with an interview, Sunday, I believe. Her new book is amazing and even comes with a meditation CD.  So, tune in fer sure, chicks.

7 Responses

  1. That is a dilemma. I think if you have confidence in what you wrote, then go for it. It’s still some input, right? Of course I haven’t received my contest entries back yet, so I might be shooting my mouth off without getting real feedback from a contest, soooo you might not want to listen to me 🙂 good luck though, either way

  2. Thanks, Danica- let me know how yours goes when you get it back. I hope for no snarkiness for you! S

  3. Changing the standards for judging (um, may I please include the word attitudes and not be hissed at? Requirements for each catagory–like NOT telling entrants writing English and Regency historicals they need to use more contractions, a social no-no for the higher class of those times–would certainly help) has all of us feeling a little more confident about entering. Or at least relieved that the problems have been recognized. Once recognized, they’re usually fairly and equitably addressed. I say you should enter! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  4. Lois- agreed. Attitudes, Nuff said on that! LOL! My last contest entry was set in London and one judge told me she loved the use of the British phrases- the other said it would never sell to an American publisher with the British words. So, I see what you mean with the historical language as well. The judge for each category should have a working knowledge of the genre. at the least!

  5. Well, you know how I feel. I do contests, I lose contests, I get pissed off at the very odd and conflicting feedback from contests. But I still do them. Cause if I ever win one, that will be the one that is well-run and had knowledgable judges! LOL.

    I say you do it. You should be sweating out the returns like the rest of us.

  6. To quote Julius Caesar as he crossed the Rubicon, “The die is cast.” Paypal paid. Entry polished. Entry sent. 10-4 and out. S

  7. Good for you SFC. I’m going to be up most of the night polishing mine. I am actually happy (for the most part) with what I have. Thanks for telling me about this one. I haven’t submitted anything that has given me any feedback yet so it’s time. It’s also time I let someone else meet Brad and Carleigh. There’s only so much room in my head for them to frolic they need to visit new heads.

    Off to the writing.

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