230 am – Random Thoughts

Once again, it’s time for the insomnia report from RomanceMama!  ODG, why can I not sleep when the rest of the world does??? But lucky for you, I want to write and yet have the heaves at the thought of wrestling a few more words out of my sullen lil B of a heroine at this hour.  So, I shall blog.

A few things I want to say (and y’all can’t stop me! Ha! I have a keyboard and I’m not afraid to use it):

1.  The utter lunacy of certain celebrities overwhelms me.  One example: Whoopi Goldberg — loved Ghost, but then again, Swayze was in it, what’s not to love — has announced that Polanski, who pled guilty to having sex with a 13 year old he gave quaaludes and alcohol to, didn’t commit what she calls “rape rape”.  She said other cultures don’t look at 13 year olds the same way we do.  Uh-uh. Right. And some cultures approve of female  circumcision/genital mutilation. And some say you can sell your daughters. Heck, even “honor killings” of women go in some cultures.  So hi, ho, let’s all jump in on those.  NO! The point is that for all its faults, the US stands as a beacon of hope to women around the world, just because we don’t look at female children the way their culture does.  And drugging someone a fraction of your age so you can sodomize her is wrong. I don’t care who you are or how artistic your vision is.  Forget the age issue even.  When you take away someone’s ability to say no, by threat, force, or inebriation, it is rape rape.  End of story.

2. Ok, I loved Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It was a parody. It was funny.  But as RomanceMama has learned to her chagrin, just cause it’s funny once doesn’t mean you keep doing it. Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters, not as funny the second time someone pulled this stunt.  Now they have announced Little Women and Werewolves??? ODG, no.  I can see that this is now a subgenre.  Becky Sharp as a witch (well, that goes without saying.) Cathy, Heathcliff and the Banshee. Scarlett and Edward Cullen (Gone with the Volvo?).  No, people. Know when to say no.

3.  Are you all aware that Lisa Kleypas and Liz Carlyle are both in the NYT top 5??? Obviously, historical romance ain’t dead.  They say that when the economy tanks, war seems imminent, and all is despair, people just want to read HEA’s and forget their problems.  And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

4, Team Edward. Enough said.

Oh, heck with it. I’ll just post a picture.  In honor of sfcatty and her wide-ranging taste in YouTube videos, here is Christopher Meloni!


4 Responses

  1. Okay…Whoopi…all I want to ask her is: What country do YOU live in? Are those practices in what are (let’s be honest here) third world, non-democracies done here in the US without punishment? If I’m not mistaken, this crime (and yes, it is a bleeding crime) was committed in California which is a US state last I heard. So we should just let this guy get away with this crime because he’s famous and everyone likes his movies? Yeah. Okay. Stupid.


  2. I’m not sharing anymore videos with you if you’re gonna trash my taste at 2 am.

  3. Whoopi has totally wrecked my former high opinion of her. Not too many people know she visited the VA hospitals on the sly to cheer up patients. One of the few celebs not durmming up visible PR. Had a friend a patient in Biloxi, and he said she’s the only woman who’d appreciate the joke he wanted to tell her enough for him to chase her down the hall with his ass hanging out of one of those lovely gowns you get to wear.

    Dammit, Whoopie, why? What’s happened to you?

  4. The mash-ups aren’t necessarily all parodies, and they can be different and stand alone. LITTLE WOMEN AND WEREWOLVES is literature, written the way Alcott would have written it if she had included werewolves in the tale. If you love the original novel, this is one mash-up worth trying.

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