Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit 9/29


Now sticking with RomanceMama’s theme on writing, tell me about what you do when you find yourself stuck. If you’re a pantser or a plotter let us know what gets you out of being just stuck.

Me, I get my plot book out and see where I’m supposed to be and work with it until I’m happy. I also read books in my genre, watch movies, and now thanks to the lovely Kelly Stone, who romancemama will interview in the near future, I relax my mind until I get to my writing place.

As always leave your comment and I’ll enter you into the weekly drawing. Last weeks winner was Candi. Thanks for another great week here at Sizzle.

3 Responses

  1. Well I have no plot book and since I’m not the plotter. I tend to talk it out with a friend, sometimes talking may not help, but it might push me in the right direction.

  2. I find when I get stuck in the storyline, I check the rough plot I’ve done. Hey, I’m old! I forget things, so it’s done in self defense! If I’m stuck with a character it’s usually because I’ve slipped into thinking like myself, instead of like my character. That’s why I love a detailed character background. (It’s for you, not the reader, so that’s the one thing that doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s phys. desc, childhood, quirks, tragedies, high points, etc.–but odd thoughts and reactions to things strengthen the character, so I scribble them down!) You don’t know everything about someone when you first meet them: You only see what they want you to. But the more you’re around them the more glimpses of their real self you get. So I go back to the c.b., read it, close my eyes and drift. It usually triggers a chain reaction of thoughts and all becomes clear!

  3. I have a Nascar Schedule for my Plot sheet. I’ve marked the races that she goes to, what they are doing on off weeks and when he wrecks and when they break up. That sort of thing. It’s the closest I have to plotting and have just scratched all over it and redone it in the last week.

    And on a more sizzling note are we going to see more Cowboy pictures today?

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