The Cowboy Is????

Guilherme Marchi, that’s right the fine South American now mid-texan that can sizzle it up. Not only does this fine young man have talent but he also participates in charity events. Like most of the PBR bullriders he too, goes to area hospitals to visit with patients, and not just children. He takes time to visit the sick and elderly to make them feel better. I’m tempted to go get sick so he will visist me!!



Hello, I’m from the LAND of HILLBILLIES!! I will teach you!! Who can resist a man with a smile and sense of humor? If you can, I bet you can’t resist the next photo!!


Now my writing question:

After you get your query happily finished and your synopsis is rockin’ when do you send out those items? Do you lurk, wait for a week, a month? Me I’m a hit send right away kind of gal. Who would have guessed right? But it’s what works for me, if I sat and thought about hitting send I probably never would. Now, what do you do?


6 Responses

  1. Wow. Just wow…that second picture…g-rr!

    Okay, wiping away the drool now. Um…what was the question again?

    Um, I’m like you. I can’t wait. If I do, it’ll never be sent. I’ll find something else wrong with it and then another thing, and it’ll sit in my computer forever never to see the light of an agent/editor’s office. Meh. I think I sent my full MS requests off almost exactly 2 weeks after they were requested because I couldn’t NOT send them.

  2. I give myself two weeks for any request. I make sure it is in tip top shape before I send it. With my current MS, I’ve gotten the first nine chapters critiqued to death from the ladies over on the FF&P loop and it’s in the best shape it’s gonna get in. But I’m also afraid NOT to send if an agent request. I mean, what happens if I don’t send it and they’ve got me on a list of people they’re expecting material from and then it never shows, they could get pissed for being dismissed like that.

    LOL, the other sizzlers and myself have been talking about my paranoia and I must say it is getting a little out of hand! So gotta go rent some romance movies tonight! No more crime mysteries, or political thrillers, or horror movies or books for me for a few days. 🙂

  3. Oh yea. I’d be sick for him, too. Not too sick, mind you. Would need to enjoy him!

    me, I never send out anything to agents- But I’m gonna! LOL!

    Yes. Go rent some chick flicks, my friend. Although, I have to admit, you have a great premise for your NaNoWriMo book!

  4. Sayde, He is just yummy where do I have to be in the hospital?

  5. You know me. I send stuff. I send stuff I probably shouldn’t send. But once I get it “finished” I just want to put it out there and get it looked at. Then I realized it wasn’t finished, start editing/reediting and wish I could get it back from the people I sent it to. But I love to hang it out there. (I hear sfcatty snickering. I mean my writing.)

  6. I couldn’t sleep the other night and was flipping channels and happened across bull riding and guess who was right there in my bedroom with me. Guilherme, ohhhh my. just have to worry all that jostling around and the parts it might injure. He does sizzle though. Can’t wait for this week’s Cowboy.

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