Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit 9/24

Today’s Tidbit is an easy one, someone should guess my cowboy today.

He was the 2008 PBR World Champion!

Now for the photo:


Oh my poor baby! I will come help you up, and make you feel better!

Okay, Now my question for my writers:

When you write your query, how many drafts do you go through?

A friend of mine just made her “hundredth” draft and I’m on my thrid for the book I’m querying. I am obsessive too. If the query isn’t just the way I want it I get thrown off, I start debating whether the book is good enough, I mean If I can’t write two good paragraphs then surely that means the entire book sucks.

Do you get these thoughts? Does the query process drive you absolutely mad?


Remember to leave a comment and I’ll enter you in the drawing for tomorrow. I draw for a FREE book at 10pm.

3 Responses

  1. I’ve only written one query so far, but I have five drafts of it. One is the rough, the next is slightly improved and so on. Funny thing is, I was satisfied with my last draft, but when I sent it off, I STILL fiddled with it. Yes, this process drives me insane. However, I’m at the point where the query doesn’t bother me anymore (cause it’s been sent off of course). The synopsis is now kicking my butt. Meh.

  2. What a shot! Unreal that the camera man caught that one. I DO know who he is but I’m not gonna guess since I am a fellow blogger with you here. As to the query- As you know, I wrote one and sent it off and was rejected so fast it made my head hurt so I have no advice. Maybe I SHOULD have written more drafts! LOL S

  3. I HATE the query process! It’s a necessary crazy though.

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