Ok, I have been tracking my ms as it made its way across the US on FedEx Ground (cheapest/timeliest combo from my local pack and ship).  From my neighborhood shopping center to Crestview in the wilds of interior NW Fla, thence to Ellenwood GA, and on to Hutchins TX. It is now coming into West Coast metro area where an agent awaits it, eagerly I hope. FedEx assures me it will be delivered to her tomorrow.

OMG, I am so scared. I mean, she said she enjoyed the partial — even said she enjoyed  it “very much”. That’s a good sign, right?  If she “very much” enjoyed three chapters, she won’t hate and despise the rest, huh? At worst, she will decline it  nicely, maybe with some helpful comments?


Dear God, Susan and the Duke are going out in the wide world, meeting people without me there to take care of them. Will they be ok? Will people like them?  It’s like my girls starting kindergarten, except that I was friends with the principals and teachers — remember,  I’m with the school board!  I knew the people running things would be on my girls’ side — not so with my poor characters, who will have to sink or swim on their own! (And Susan says one simply cannot swim in a corset and petticoats!)

I have a friend from my RWA chapter who has been a member for years, writing her stories, but she told me she has never sent anything to anyone — not an agent, editor, or contest.  This suddenly seems like a rational path to me.

So tell me, gentle readers, how do you deal with the stress of sending baby out there to fight for its literary existence?

Perhaps, having heard my friend Kelly Stone talk about the value of meditation and tapping into the subconscious mind, I should find a restful image to think about. (We are interviewing Kelly, the author of Thinking Write: the Secret to Freeing your Creative Mind here on the Sizz in the near future, BTW.)

Yes, peaceful, restful image:

Ah, a hot bath, a nice pinot, and Hugh Jackman. Yesssss.

Ah, a hot bath, a nice pinot, and Hugh Jackman. Yesssss.


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  1. Positive thinking is very important. It’s also one of my pitfalls! I’m not a very positive thinking person. I have to really, really, try hard at it. Hope you are taking Kelly’s advice. Tomorrow will be another day for cowboys and I’ve got a very interesting picture so make sure you guys stop back by!

  2. First I need math help here your older daughter is a Senior and the younger is in 7th grade and you’ve been with the School Board how long?

    Hope your folks have had a lovely journey west. Does the agent have a tracker too so you can give a a page by page blow by blow telling of the reading?

    Love Hugh in the tub BTW.

  3. Ah, you caught that! But I was the president and chancellor of their private school board from the time DD#1 was in K3 until I put them in public school. Two different school boards.

  4. I’m in the ‘don’t-think-about-it’ stage. I have 2 full manuscripts with editors and a partial with an agent. Yeah, ask me how I’m handling it. HA! At least a dozen times a day, I think they’re going to hate it so much, I’ll get it back in an urn with a note that says,

    We’re so sorry, but your manuscript passed away today. After numerous slashes with the red pen, it perished from lack of wit and plot. We thought we’d save you the trouble of sending it to the great bookshelf in the sky and burned it ourselves. It was a lovely event complete with a weenie roast over the burning pages. Enclosed are pictures of the after party.

    Sincerely, Editors.

    Okay, I’m freaked. 🙂 You’re not alone!

    BTW, ooooh, Hugh.

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