Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit

Sad to say, but yes last week was a bit off for me. And I know you all are wondering what is “off” for me, well the flu! Hell, there were days last week I thought for sure someone had staked me on hwy 31 and let a truck run me over! It’s was horrible!

But I’m back and as promised I’m keeping with my foreign men, well they’re Americans now. I just love a hot South American man. This weeks cowboy, reins supreme in the PBR and he reminds me of one of my old friends from Texas, even the right age and all. I’m wondering if Tomaz changed his name!

Anyhow, heres the tidbit:

This South American BullRider lives just minutes away from one of my favorite places in the world: Fort Worth, Texas. One more reason for me to move out there! He’s married(hey, I can always admire from a distance), and get this born 1, yes 1, day after me. Now really, thats got to be a sign! So if you know my DOB then ya know his too! He joined the PBR in 1999, and since then has won the astounding amount 3,141,694.00.



Alright everyone, what do you do when all your critique partners LOVE your book, writing style, and ideas but the agents don’t. How do you entice both your readers and editors and agents to continue reading and wanting more?

And yes, I showed this week’s cowboy early, but damn what a picture! Now go forth and research. Leave a comment and I’ll enter you in the drawing for Friday. All those who left comments last week will be entered this week as well.

9 Responses

  1. What a picture indeed. I like it. Latin men are normally not my cup of tea but oohhhh my.

  2. Darlene, is he not gorgeous! I’ve never been one for chest hair but sweet jesus, I’d run my fingers through that any day of the week or night!

  3. Now, THIS, my friend, was worth the wait. Was this the one I thought was cute last time? Or am I just in the mood for a man with an accent?

    No answer to your question. I wish I knew!

  4. yes ma’am this is him. He is gorgeous! He is actually my inspiration for my first COWBOY erotic book. Remember my Cowgirl series has 3 books and then I’ll write my Cowboy series which will be 3 books.

  5. I THOUGHT I recognized his cuteness! Dang, I am digging his arms, chest……. Which character? Is it one of the guys I’ve read yet?

  6. Sayde, OMG, don’t do that to me. My heart is not as young as it could be. Dear God in Heaven, that is enough to make me consider men without British accents.

  7. Hey, I’ve got two more photos picked out. We’re making up for my sick days last week! Hold on ladies! And he’s got an accent! I just read a Sabrina Jefferies book where the hero was spanish!

  8. Oh, Lord, yes. Sabrina wrote that hot Spanish guy in the next to most recent of her series. She probably had this guy in a frame on her desk. Or should have.

  9. Ohhh he’s pretty..

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