BAD-URDAY Sept 19 Edition

Today’s bad boy is Javier Bardem!
Now, he was evil incarnate in No Country for Old Men. Who could forget his horrible, murdering role as Chigurh? he was vicious and that hair style did nothing for him

javier1The scene of  him  in the tub opened up the possiblities to me of his sexiness but I couldn’t get past the bad hair.   Then I saw him at the academy awards and he was soooo hot and sooo sweet to his mother when he spoke to her in Spanish (After begging the pardon of the audience- swoon)

javier_bardemthen came VickyChristinaBarcelona and he was a bad boy in that  one too, seducing two friends and an ex wife.  Of course, the ex wife also seduced one of the friends as well.  Who wouldn’t say yes if this guy asked you to go to Barcelona for the weekend and make love?

javier 2


2 Responses

  1. Do you know, I haven’t seen either? Obviously, I am gonna have to netflix em — I’m thinking NCFOM first — the bathtub sounds intriguing, and I can always get him a haircut!

  2. He is soooo sexy. I would never have thought so in NCFOM but WOW is he hot in P.S. I Love You and when he was on Greys as Deny, ghost or not that man was fine!. But in PS he was scottish with accent and all. YUMMMM! Can we say Scottish Lord! There’s your next book romancemama!

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