My Mind is a Scary Place

Sfcatty told me that, and she is right! Kelly Stone (fabulous speaker and writer) told us at Gulf Coast Chapter meeting Saturday all about the hypnagogic mind, where you are half asleep and half awake, and the ideas flow . . . . Oh, right. My mind is so weird. Last night, after (yessssss!) getting my third (three, count them, three!) request from an agent in four days, I was drifting off to Slumberland, when suddenly, out of nowhere, Peter Noone and Herman’s Hermits were in my brain, singing Mrs. Waters, You’ve Got a Lurvely Query, Story Lines Like Yours are Hard to Find . . . Oh, there was a lot more — the whole damn song, about my book! 

Now, that is proof that I am, in fact, insane, wouldn’t you say?

But when you are writing and sending your sweet baby out defenseless into the cold hard world to be read by people who don’t appreciate it the way it deserves, these few hours of celebration are  hard to come by, and I am gonna take advantage of them.  I may get three little frowny-faces on my query tracker page when it’s all said and done, but for now, let’s all join in with Herman’s Hermits and sing along!!!!!

And of course, one of the boys wants to celebrate with us:


Umm, Naveen Andrews! I’m thinking, Englishman went to India, married Indian woman, now their son inherits the Earldom . . . I can go somewhere with this.


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