Sunday Afternoon

The muse is visiting my house today.  Lots of good words flowing.  I’m working on what I am calling The Italian novel.  The reason for that is that every working title I try ends up sounding a bit insane or inane.   I am happy with how it is progressing.  This week has been productive.  I know I am making progress if I start to fall for my hero and mine is beginning to grow on me.  This particular hero took a while as I am used to writing Beta males and Dario, in this book, is an Alpha .  Alphas are harder for me because they remind me of certain lawyers I deal with in my day job that I’d like to slap rather than get cozy with.   Here is a male Italian model to enjoy:  Emanuele from Rome


2 Responses

  1. Ooohhh I like Emanuele. Where did you find him???? And what, precisely, is wrong with “The Italian Shoe Designer’s Virgin Groomless Bride Baby-Momma”?

  2. Too many words, Romancemama- the Italian novel is much easier to say. I guess I could say “TISDGBBM” Had to delete the Virgin part. Doesn’t fit.

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