This week’s bad boy is non other than Jason Isaacs!   Who could forget him as Col. Tavington in “The Patriot?”   He was sooo bad, but dang, he looked good in those breeches and boots.  He was so evil, especially when he said, “Burn the Church”  –

Those blue eyes of his are amazing, too. jason 1

   He was wonderful as the super bad Lucius Malfoy-  now, I took Latin and I know Lucius comes from the Latin word “Lucifer” meaning Day Star as in “the one who fell from heaven” and Malfoy comes from the Latin for bad- or Mala.   BUT, I think he should be LUSCIOUS Malfoy because  he is Luscious in that white wig with  those blue eyes.jason

And who could forget him in 2003 Peter Pan playing Captain Hook?


And one more just because:  jason_isaacs_01

That’s it for this edition of Bad-urday.   Hope you enjoyed it.

3 Responses

  1. Umm, he is always a good bad boy. Loved him in the Patriot. Between him, Heath Ledger, and Mel Gibson (another one who can’t be allowed speech!) I didn’t know where to look!!!!
    Thing about bad boys like Col. Tavington: do you try to reform them, or just go all out and revel in being bad with them? It’s a problem, a real problem.
    I’m gonna have to watch the Patriot again tonight!

  2. And one more thing: Look at the size of those feet!!! You know what that means. . . .

  3. We are both evil- I thought the same thing about his feet. No shadow there!
    By the way, there is a GREAT picture of him if you google him but it was not appropriate to post here.

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