Breathing normally now

Ok, heartbeat slowing, things getting back to normal level of chaos at the RomanceMama household. I mean, soon-to-be-famous author still had to get up in middle of the night with DD who wants to have mild case of swine flu because there is a math test today.  I finally gave up at 3 am, agreed that her throat may be a little pink and said she can stay home. Dollar to a doughnut she will be playing the new Beatles Rockband by 10am.

So anyway, apologies for getting overexcited and squeeeing so much yesterday.  It’s still a long trip to a three-book deal from Avon. But after the comments from contest judges that seemed a little, shall we say, unfamiliar with the genre and/or over-obsessed with technicalities (sfcatty is right: people occasionally do use a gerund in speech!), it was so nice to have a professional tell me that my baby is just a good read.  Cause after all, what we are doing is trying to tell stories. “Da rules” and everything are supposed to facilitate that, not interfere with it.  IMHO.

And since sfcatty seems to think that Colin is going to leave me over a silly thing like his birthday (no way — he understands the pressures of the artistic life), here is a picture of my dear boy so yall will understand why he is truly the perfect man:


“Leave my RomanceMama? Nevah!”


4 Responses

  1. Hm, I think you’re allowed to SQUEE as much as you want with that kind of news. I know I do enough of my own squeeing (should we put that in the dictionary if it isn’t there already?). I’m actually squeeing at the thought of possibly going to RT 2010. Why? Cause my favorite author will be there. It’s months away and I’m getting the ‘omgs!’ like you wouldn’t believe. lol

    So squee to your heart’s content. Jump around shouting ‘I DUDDITZ!’ if it makes you feel good. Colin would understand.

  2. LOL, I agree with Danica! Congrats woman you deserve it! And Danica I’m not going to RT 2010 but I am going to Nationals and already excited. The Silken Sands Conference is coming up in March and of course I’ll be there with all the other wonder ladies from the blog. You should come join us on Pcola beach for it! We can all toast Romancemama’s book I’m sure that will be pubbed by then!

  3. Never mind the rules. Creativity works better that way. Congrats.

  4. Colin is long gone, mama!

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