Poor Romancemama

is getting old. She has forgotten her love’s birthday is today. It is so sad to see that Romancemama is going to lose Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth Bennett and also lose Mark Darcy, the human rights lawyer, to Bridget Jones. Also, she will lose out on Mr. Dashwood in the “What a Girl Wants” movie to John Travolta’s wife. And all those other movies where he gets to say the most romantic lines. I bet none of those ladies would forget the birthday of their true love. Shame, shame on Romancemama!  Happy Birthday, Colin!colin

Romancemama, you have broken my heart (sob), I guess its over.  Goodbye my dear, Colin F.


3 Responses

  1. Ok snark woman. Point made. But did I tell you about the requests from the agents? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Does this mean I can have Mark Darcy the lawyer now? He’s the one I want or Jamie Bennett from Love Actually. Either one of those will do.

  3. No, Colin in all his pesonae is mine, mine, mine. Although I guess I could loan you the weird Colin from Trauma once in a whle. He gets on my nerves. And he looks unwashed. Though he’s still a hunk of male perfection, of course. Just weird. You’d have to give him back though.

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