Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy for Monday & Tuesday!

Ok we’ve all had those dreams, the ones we remember the next day and we remember the GUY in the dream. We’ll this week after reading a book with a Portuguese speaking hero I had a little dream of my own! Now I plan on writing a series with my cowboys and have decided to bring in a Brazilian bullrider in one of my books. I worked for a brief time riding cutting horses in Whitesboro, Texas with two young HOT HOT Brazilians, since then I have had a “fondness” for the sexy foreigners.

So in honor of my dream, the book, and my old friends Raul and Tomas I’ve decided this weeks cowboy will be a Brazilian bullrider who reminds me of the sexy Raul. Oh how I miss Texas!


Cowboy Tidbit:

Brazilian cowboy who now resides in a small town about a hundred miles east of Dallas, Texas. This cowboy stands barely five foot six but packs a hell of a punch. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to leave your comment to be entered to win my weekly contest.


Picture of my man:


 Now you tell me what inspires you the most when writing. Of course my eye candy inspires me but I also get a great deal of inspiration from real life stories. I love hearing about funny tales from my friends or thinking back over all the crazy things that either I have done or some of my friends have done. Each of my books holds stories within that have come from my life or a friends. Where do you gain inspiration?


5 Responses

  1. OOOHH Love me some South American men! Can’t wait.

    Inspiration is all around- I take inspiration from lots of things- sometimes songs on the radio and sometimes from someone I meet in the courthouse, and even sometimes from people I don’t even like!

    • Lol, it was hard working day in and day out with not 1 but 2 gorgeous South American men, southern sizzle indeed! And I still draw inspiration from my experience working with them. It was so odd and fascinating with the language barrier because neither spoke a WORD of english.

  2. I’m sure you made yourself understood, Sayde!

    To answer today’s question:

    Obviously, I get inspiration from photos, but I also listen to music — even the odd things my DD’s bring home — some of it is not bad, but don’t tell them I said that! (Once I get a story cooking, I try to find songs that fit the mood and make a soundtrack cd to write to.) I also surf the web — I can find weird little news stories, etc. Of course there are things that happen at work, at home, etc. as well as dreams I have (none as lucrative as S. Meyers’, however.)

    I envision having this attic room in my mind. I lock all those things in there together and somehow they mate and have weird unrecognizable children. Thats where my stories come from. It’s kind of like a V.C. Andrews book.

  3. Music is a major inspiration too! My character Colt, is based on the feelings from a song(the black dress song). the way the singer’s emotions made me feel inspired me to have Colt feel that way about Harper and Harper’s attitude was inspired by Taylor Swifts song, white horse(I think thats the name) the one where she says I’m not your princess. Anyhow, music is a big one for me! I listen to my ipod(when I havent fried one) while I write. What else?????

  4. Oh and yeah, we understood each other well enough! But they were two of the nicest and sweetest men I’ve ever met. Lord only knows what all they said but hey I coudlnt understand and they smiled and nodded alot at me so I don’t care!

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