Tryin’ To Get the Feelin’ Again

(which is the title of a Manilow song. You would have to have been a teenage girl in the late 70’s to appreciate it)

BUT be that as it may . . . I have had a week from Hades, complete with a teenage friend of my daughter’s dying, my mom who suffers from Alzheimers’ telling the doctor I needn’t ever call her again (nor should my daughters), battling work assignments (you have to love having 6 separate elected officials as your “boss”!).  . . .So about 10 last night I threw a pity party and decided to be depressed.

But I gave it a good 24 hours and I am getting bored with it. So I started surfing for inspiration and just plain old cheer yourself up fun and found the following:

For GothicDweller: Umm, da Rock!!!


sfcatty: this Rickman’s for you:


Sayde Grace:

I know he isn’t a real cowboy, but he ought to be!owen_wilson_99

And so now I feel much better and I will be back into the swing of it all tomorrow!

"Hmm, how can I meet RomanceMama . . . .?"

"Hmm, how can I meet RomanceMama . . . .?"


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the Colonel! AND glad to have you back!

  2. Thanks for the Rock he’s a beautiful man. I hope things are better today… giving you hugs. Paula

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