zane1So, its time for Bad-urday again. This week’s bad boy is Billy Zane. Who can forget him and how bad he was in Titanic? What woman in her right mind would have picked the child, Leonardo Dicaprio when she could have the fabulously sexy Billy Zane? Yes. He was a jerk. But, he sure looked fine. He was better off without the Kate Winslet character- I still say she had enough room to move over on the piece of the ship she was floating on- she could have made room for her doomed love on that raft and saved him from his watery grave. But maybe she re-thought it and decided he wasn’t worth saving and so did not share her perch!
AND who could forget how evil Billy was in Dead Calm?

Anyway, Enjoy Mr. Zane!zane 2


2 Responses

  1. Oh, yes! You and I are in perfect agreement about Kate having to get rid of Leo — she was praying that boat went down so she could lose girly-man!
    And I think Nicole should have tried to talk Sam Neill and Billy into a happy little “agreement” – that sailboat in Dead Calm was big enough for everybody! Lord, that could be one of Sayde’s stories!!!
    So if anything was a nice antidepressant for Badurday morning, it was a lovely Billy Zane gallery! Thanks!!!!

  2. He is one of the FINEST men alive! Slap a cowboy hat on him and a wrangler patch on his ass and I’m all over THAT!!

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