And the Cowboy Is????

Lloyd Cox! Not my normal pick but watch the video, use your imagination and you’ll understand!

The first video features Lloyd Cox training at the ranch.

The second video is of CD Lights during the NCHA World Finals. I wanted to show the difference in working at the ranch and showing in the show pen. Both horses and trainers are fantastic!


God that horse is fine! My dream is to sale everything I own, move to Texas and breed, raise, and train cutting horses. This is my true PASSION! I lUV it!

                                          Cowboy Lloyd Cox

lloyd cox

Don’t forget to leave your comment to be entered into my weekly drawing for a FREE book from my library. I’ll post the winner tonight. Make sure to check back next week for another cowboy and more writing wisdom.


5 Responses

  1. NICE, Sayde!

  2. I wanna win!!!! By the way, my favorite cowboy is still Ty Murray. He’s such a hunka hunka burning love.

    Donna Melton
    w/a Savannah Lane and Amber Dare

  3. Lol, I think he’s the reason I’m so in LUST/LUV with Chris SHivers. They remind me so much of each other!

  4. umm, yeah, I’m still wondering about that moving out to Texas to “breed” thing. Are you talking about raising horses or something entirely different?

    • Oh you dirty minded women! Ha, no breeding for me! But this cowboy is worth a second thought, alas not for me. I’m talking about raising cutting horses! JEEZ

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