Trying to Get an Idea . . .

I am madly editing the first ms, have been writing the sequel to it, and so forth. But I started thinking, if everybody hates the first one, what is the point of a sequel???

So I am trying to come up with a new, unrelated idea. I have a concept for the main character, but now I am trying to figure out what she is going to do.  She can’t just hang about in drawing rooms and eat bonbons. Sooner or later she has got to have some type of conflict, I suppose.

So, as always when I need inspiration, let’s have a picture of . . . .


Now, what most people don’t realize about this photo shoot is that I was there, wearing a big fluffy white robe and keeping the wine glass filled. Yep, standing just out of camera range. I was. Seriously.


4 Responses

  1. I thought you were at the other end of the tub in the ones that are half shots!

    AND you can have a sequel since it is a full story on its own. You can sell the sequel first and then call the first one the prequel. Confused yet?

  2. Oh, sfcatty, I was trying not to tell that — his stick insect wife might find out!

  3. OOOOPS Sorry. If she threatens you, I will sic my hero on her!

  4. I love Colin Firth…le sigh. So handsome…so proper. Makes you want to mess up his hair and get him to say naughty things in your ear. Or is that just me?

    I do understand your problem though. I have a finished MS and am working on a sequel (actually a whole big, fat series). I have wondered what happens if people don’t like the first book, but it’s what my muse is pointing me to write, so here I am.

    Good luck!

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