Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit for Tuesday

Okay everyone, I missed yesterday. SORRY! My computer had a blow-out but we are up and running today! So anyway, this week’s cowboy is NOT a bull rider! I know whats wrong with me? Oh well, I think you all will enjoy this one and you’ll learn something about me too. That’s right! This weeks cowboy is a member of the National Cutting Horse Association and a trainer. He is based out of Colorado and has ridden some of the finest cutting horses ever trained. I just love to see a man sit a horse well! Don’t forget to comment with who you think this cowboy is and I’ll enter you into my weekly library book giveaway.

Writing Question First:

What do you do to stay inspired while writing a book? I usually gather as much information about the subject, setting, and characters I’m using that when I get in a mood I sit and look over the material. Usually it just takes a few moments and I’m ready to go. I love to email the chamber of commerce for the towns that I’m using and get them to send me info. Most of the time they send maps, pictures, and more info then you can ever use. They’re wonderful!

Today’s Picture:
Cutting at the Lazy L


5 Responses

  1. Sigh. I just keep drifting off into commanding but gentle hands and strong thighs. Yummmmm… Wh-what? Who said that? Where’d that come from? Hack! Cough! I mean his skills–well, of course I’m refering to his skills… I mean his riding skills! Uh, his horse riding skills! laughing Thanks, girl. I always enjoy your posts.

  2. Hey! Has anyone pointed out to Donna that here is perfect research for her books? “Riders Thighs”, a rapidly-fan-my-flushed-face reference in her time era, jumps to current with this connotation!

  3. LOL, no. Havent thought about it .

  4. Sayde- good idea about the Chambers of Commerce

  5. Thanks, I used them when I wrote my Montanna book. The few towns I’d had my eye on sent me so much information I was lost in it! I keep all of that kind of stuff just in case. I love to look over those pamplets and dream about my vacation I’m going to take one day.

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