One of my favorite websites has a tradition of Caturday every Saturday where there are posts of funny cat pictures and in honor of that and to counter Sayde’s Cowboy of the week posts, I am starting my own tradition of BAD-URDAY where every saturday (That I remember to do it), I will be posting a picture of a bad boy that we love. What better bad boy to start with than one played by my favorite actor and inspiration for many of the heroes of my stories than Hans Gruber, played by the inimitable Alan Rickman? And who of us wouldn’t rather have him than Bruce Willis? Although Bruce ain’t so bad himself with his major flaw being he isn’t British.  Alas for him!

So, enjoy Bad-urday!hans


3 Responses

  1. Oh, yum. The only problem with this picture is that you don’t get the voice. . . like melted dark chocolate. . .

  2. Speaking as someone who owns 5 real cats, I love the site Caturday. I’m all for some Bad-urday fun…provided someone can point me in the direction of where I can get a real one of HIM!

  3. Lizbeth- You’d have to knock me down first!

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